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Luther Village Sunshine Centre
Luther Village Sunshine Centre
141 Father David Bauer Drive,
Waterloo, ON
N2L 6L1

Detailed driving directions:

The entrance to Luther Village is from Father David Bauer Drive, between the recreation centre and the mall. If you are on Father David Bauer coming from Westmount, the main entrance will be after you pass the townhouses on the right. If you are on Father David Bauer coming from Erb, you will pass the shipping entrance on the left, then there will be a turning lane which leads into the main entrance.

Once you have turned into the main entrance of Luther Village, there will be a large building on your left. Drive straight past that building. Just past the building, there will be a road to the left and a sign pointing left that says "Sunshine Centre". After turning left on this road, you should see a green awning straight ahead that says "Sunshine Centre" on it. The road will curve to the right and there will be an entrance to a parking lot to the right. There should be plenty of parking available in this parking lot.

If not, you should also be able to park in the Recreation Centre parking lot, and there is a little foot bridge from that parking lot to the Sunshine Centre.

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